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K2 Spreading Gravel.jpg
20T Digger taking out a Bank for Widing
Earthworks for Widing Ballantyne
Removal of Bank Along Road.jpg
Spreading Gravel.jpg
Ballantyne Road Spreading Gravel.jpg

Ballantyne Road

Project: Ballantyne Road Safety Improvements  

Location: Ballantyne Road, Wanaka 


Duration: Project is currently being undertaken – 2021.



Contrax (Central) Ltd are responsible for all Earthworks along Ballantyne Road for upgrading the road to be sealed.


Tasks being Performed:

  • Tree Felling along Ballantyne Road – Removal of Stumps and Trees

  • Excavation for Carting waste soils to widen Road

  • Engineered filling of some places  and Green Terramesh retaining structures built.

  • Cart and place of AP65 gravel along Road

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