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Operating Director

John was brought up on a sheep and crop farm in Western Southland and he has operated machinery since childhood. At 16 years old he had his first digger and built a client base throughout Western Southland. John has worked in the open cast coal mining industry and has held project and senior management positions throughout the South Island. In 2005 John founded Contrax (Central) Ltd with a vision of creating a successful family owned business. John enjoys liaison with clients to create a shared vision and producing an end result of the highest possible standard.

Operations Manager


John was born into earthworks – grew up around it – spent every minute outside school being involved in it. He has a background in agriculture and open cast mining and has worked in Europe and Australia. He gets great satisfaction in a job well done and enjoys new challenges. His forté is being able to see the end result at the start of the project and working towards it.

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